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COPPER belongs to one of the first metals discovered by mankind and appreciated for its benefits - and, in fact, not only in its property as a soft, malleable and robust element. The elementary metal also has a long history as a therapeutic agent: Already 4,000 years ago, the Egyptians discovered the disinfecting effect of COPPER for healing wounds. Among others, COPPER is relevant also for growth and bone formation as well as the central nervous system. In addition, it plays a decisive role in the formation of blood pigment „haemoglobin“, effectively supports the body‘s own immune system and assists the body in gaining energy.


In its function as an enzyme component, the trace element necessary for life is involved in various metabolic processes. It also plays an important role in a smooth appearance of the skin. COPPER enhances the resistive force of the skin - it protects the skin from free radicals, helps actively in all inflammation-inhibiting processes and supports healing of wounds. Moreover, it contributes to formation of the pigment melanin, which lends colour to the skin and the hair – hence, in case of copper deficiency, you may have pigmentation disorders.


In addition to other known active agents, in recent years, COPPER PEPTIDES can no longer be dispensed with in rese- arch in the field of skin care. And for good reason,

they can affect the overall condition of the skin favourably – in addition, thanks to their inflammation-inhibiting effect, they are considered to be a wonder weapon against skin impurities and skin irritations. COPPER-PEPTIDES actively promote, among others, the regeneration of our skin as well as the production and integration of collagen and elastin. Thus, they are decisively responsible for a balanced, clear and even appearance of the skin.