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M2 BEAUTÉ BLACK NANO MASCARA offers the perfect combination of styling, growth and nutrition

It promotes hair growth while creating more fullness and volume. Thanks to the new styling brush featuring innovative nanotechnology, eyelashes look jet-black and extra long. Nourishing ingredients intensively moisturize lashes, offer protection and boost resilience. The ideal combination for expressive, beautiful lashes.
M2 BEAUTÉ BLACK NANO MASCARA is easy to apply:

  • Apply BLACK NANO MASCARA to the upper lashes first
  • Now apply from the base to the tip to cover each lash
  • Apply several times depending on the desired intensity
Tip: For optimal results, allow the mascara to dry briefly between the individual steps. 
The test results of a clinical study lasting four weeks speak for themselves:
  • 95 % of those who took part found the mascara very easy to apply
  • 90 % of those who took part found that it dried perfectly
  • up to 90 % of those who took part found that the lashes were well emphasized individually
  • 85 % of those who took part found that the mascara gave lashes more volume
  • 95 % found that the mascara was easy to remove
  • 100 % of those who took part tolerated the mascara well
  • over 80 % of those who took part would use the mascara again

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Content: 4 ML