The Eyelash Intensifier

EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM is an eyelash serum for authentically and naturally beautiful, long eyelashes! It strengthens, promotes growth and is proven to lengthen the lashes. Our eyelash serum is vegan and free from animal testing.
Content: 4 ML / 0,14 FL.OZ.

Product description

EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM creates an authentically beautiful look and grows lashes by more than 30 percent within 6 to 8 weeks. The eyelash serum is vegan and a finely tuned mix of innovative, powerful active ingredients that nourish your lash hairs and stimulate the hair roots. Simply integrate the serum into your daily beauty routine. Just a few weeks after the first application of the eyelash serum, you can enjoy longer, shinier and thicker lashes that accentuate your eyes even better with or without mascara.

The M2 BEAUTÉ eyelash serum achieves visible results in growth, density and hair quality already 6 to 8 weeks after the first application of the product.

The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM is your eyelash serum for authentic and naturally beautiful long lashes.
Longer eyelashes by 30 %
More density by 30 %
Stronger eyelashes by 50 %

The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM can be applied like an eyeliner. To do this, apply the eyelash serum sparingly to dry, oil-free skin oce a day after cleansing in the evening. With the help of the fine fiber tip, the eyelash serum can be applied to the upper lash line. Allow the eyelash serum to act briefly and then apply the usual products for further care. Due to its yield, one bottle of eyelash serum lasts several weeks.


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Would you like to know more about our innovative products?
You are absolutely right here! We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

M2 BEAUTÉ has been a leader in the eyelash growth sector for many years. The proven effects of the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM are a testament to the expertise that has gone into its development. The LASH INTENSIFIER was designed for users who want authentic and well-groomed eyelashes. The innovative serum stimulates lash growth by 30% for impressive length and density. In addition, the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM stands out with its unique and highly effective formulation, which focuses on effectiveness and tolerability. The product does not contain any hormones, parabens, silicones, synthetic colors or fragrances, or PEG-containing substances, and is not tested on animals. The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM scores top points due to its longevity – one bottle is enough to last for four months.
A balanced formula of highly effective active ingredients ensures 30% longer, stronger and thicker eyelashes in just six to eight weeks. The four- to five-month lifespan of eyelashes can be divided into the growth phase (anagen), transition phase (catagen), and resting and hair loss phase (telogen). The active ingredients used in the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM start in the first phase and ensure that this lasts much longer than the usual six weeks thanks to intensive hair root stimulation. This thus delays eyelash loss and the hair has more time to grow. The eyelashes become thicker, longer and stronger. The high-quality care components ensure that the eyelashes are flexible and shiny and can better withstand exterior influences.
The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM contains a unique and highly effective formulation, which focuses on effectiveness and tolerance. The product does not contain any hormones, parabens, silicones, synthetic colors or fragrances, or PEG-containing substances, and is not tested on animals.
Both eyelash growth serums are highly effective and the benefits have been proven in clinical studies. The focus is on promoting one’s own natural beauty potential. The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM is designed for users who want naturally authentic and well-groomed eyelashes. It stimulates lash growth by 30% for impressive length and density. The EYELASH ACTIVATING SERUM is designed for users who want expressive lashes.
The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM should be applied once a day, preferably after cleansing in the evening. It should be applied sparingly to dry, oil-free skin at the base of the upper lashes. The fine liner brush enables precise application close to the roots. Allow a brief period for the serum to absorb before applying your usual skin care products. Daily application is recommended for the best results.
The time of day is not important. It is important to make sure that you apply the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM to clean, oil-free eye area before using other products. One advantage of using it before bedtime is that the serum can also reach the lower lash line when the eye is closed and can also work there.
We recommend using it on the upper eyelids. All tests in which the results described were obtained were performed in this area. The upper lid also touches the lower lid during sleep, thereby transferring the active ingredients. Applying the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM to the lower lid will not yield better results.
We recommend that you use the products once a day as we have established that the products do not yield better results when applied multiple times.
The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM should be applied at least until the desired result is achieved. To maintain the result, we recommended that you carry on using the serum continuously once a day. Two to three times a week is not enough to maintain an impressive result. Since the eyelashes have their own growth cycle, reduced application frequency would diminish the result.
You will notice a significant change to the quality of the eyelashes within six to eight weeks. The first thing you will notice is a thickening of the eyelashes; they will then become longer and stronger. However, the initial results are different for each individual.
No, if you want to maintain the impressive final result, you should continue to apply the serum continuously once a day.
Just return to your normal routine. Do not attempt to make up for skipped applications with additional or heavier use.
After approximately two months, the eyelash areas will have reverted to their original appearance.
Once opened, the serums should be used up within six months. If unopened, the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM can last for approximately five years.
The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM can be used at the same time as artificial lash extensions. This is even a beneficial way to strengthen your own eyelashes and to intensively enhance them with the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM, as your natural eyelashes form the basis for artificial eyelash extensions and can experience heavy strain as a result. Tip: We recommend that you don’t use the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM on days when you are wearing eyelash extensions.
Do not use the products immediately after such a treatment because you may still have open wounds. Please wait until these are completely healed, you can then use the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM again without any problems.
Yes, absolutely. If you have longer eyelashes, dyeing them emphasizes their look and lends them additional flair. Tip: You should not use the product immediately after coloring because the coloring process usually uses an oxidizing agent and this may irritate the eyes. Once the eye area has returned to normal, you can use the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM without any problems.
In case of medical issues, we generally recommend discussing the use of the serum with your doctor.
In this case, we recommend that you speak to your doctor about using the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM. The eyelash roots on scarred skin are normally worn out or permanently damaged. The serums cannot activate permanently damaged roots and will probably not be effective in these areas.
In this case, we recommend that you speak to your doctor about using the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM. However, we have seen positive results when these products are used following chemotherapy treatment.
The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM is very well tolerated when applied correctly and has been clinically and dermatologically tested. It was rated “VERY GOOD” by the independent DERMATEST institute and our customers confirm its excellent tolerability. People who are allergic to one or more of the ingredients used should not use the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM. Allergy sufferers and people who are prone to allergies should consult their doctor before use.
Yes. The EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM has been clinically tested for use with contact lenses. However, contact lenses should be removed before applying the EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM. Once the product has been fully absorbed, you can put your contact lenses back in.
When used correctly (once a day), one 4 ml bottle of eyelash serum should last for four months of use.
No, because these are different types of hair. Often, in addition to genetic predisposition, the hormone testosterone has a great influence on hair loss on the head, which EYELASH AWAKENING SERUM does not affect.
In the entire European Union, animal testing for cosmetic products has been prohibited by law since 1. It goes without saying that we do not use any animal testing or ingredients of animal origin in the production and testing of our cosmetic and care products.
The answer to this question is unreservedly yes.
We make every effort to answer all questions concerning our products within 24 hours. Please call our hotline 01805 - 288363 (fees apply) or e-mail us at service@m2beaute.com.

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