Effective, innovative, well-founded - M2 BEAUTÉ is the specialist among luxury beauty brands and is known for its highly potent power serums, which have a proven densifying, lengthening and nourishing effect. Based on the latest research findings from medicine and biochemistry, the beauty specialist, founded in 2008, develops revolutionary growth boosters for eyelashes, brows and hair, as well as nanotechnology-based facial care. The range includes Eye Care, Facial Care as well as Hair Care products for an authentically beautiful look. M2 BEAUTÉ products are tested in well-founded studies for their effectiveness as well as skin compatibility and comply with all dermatological requirements and EU-wide cosmetic guidelines. They have been rated very good by independent research institutes and are proven to be free of hormones, parabens and silicones. The production is carried out entirely without animal testing. Today M2 BEAUTÉ is represented in over 40 countries worldwide and still pursues a mission with passion and visionary flair: NATURAL. BEAUTY. NOW.