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ULTRA PURE WATER refers to water cleaned according to extraordinarily stringent specifications, which is slightly alkaline and which comes close to the theoretical condition of absolute purity. Up to 99 % of all resilient substances are removed from the raw water without leaving any residues. This includes, e.g. lime, alkaline earth metals, hardness components, nitrates, medicinal residues, antibiotics, pesticides, salts, organic chlorine compounds and, of course, even bacteria and viruses.

Due to its extremely high level of purity, ULTRA PURE WATER is often used for the production of medicaments and injection liquids as well as in the course of medical research. In the cosmetic industry, it is used primarily as an optimal active agent carrier and activator.


ULTRA PURE WATER is considered to be the purest carrier of effective active agents and is particularly compatible with the skin or tolerated by the skin. It is completely free of lipids and is transparent and enables, in this way, texture-free use on the skin. At the same time, due to its high electrical resistance, it gets pulled extraordinarily quickly into the skin and thus ensures the best possible absorption of active agents.

Over and above the optimal properties as a carrier of active agents, ULTRA PURE WATER, as a result of its „soft“ and slightly alkaline nature, also gives a feeling of well-being to the skin by supporting the skin metabolism. Preventing the skin from over-acidifying is considered to be a basis for resistant health and vitality, and it counteracts skin problems.