We can guarantee that the HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM does not contain any hormones! The serum cannot interact with cells containing corresponding receptor structures either, which means that the triggering of hormonal reactions is out of the question. This was confirmed by independent institutes, including the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation and their TOXFOX study on hormonally active substances in cosmetic products. 
Use once a day for best results. If application is discontinued or interrupted for a long period of time, hair quality will eventually return to its normal condition. It is recommended that you wash your hair or brush thoroughly to remove any styling product residue or other buildup from your scalp before use. You need to make sure that the active ingredients will get through to the hair roots.
Users notice a significant change as early as within 10 to 12 weeks. The first effect you will tend to notice is that the scalp becomes stronger and you have less dandruff. Then you will start to notice a visible reduction in hair loss and an increase in hair thickness and new hair growth. However, the initial results are different for each individual.
The two-year to six-year lifespan of hair is divided into the growth phase (anagen), transition phase (catagen), and resting and hair loss phase (telogen). The highly potent active ingredient complex acts during the first phase to intensely stimulate hair roots, while hair loss is simultaneously reduced. Hairs become significantly thicker and longer. The high-quality care components strengthen the scalp and reduce the formation of dandruff. 
The longevity of the product depends on the area being treated in each individual case. If used correctly and applied to the whole scalp (once a day, approximately ten squeezes of the pump), a 120 ml spray bottle of the HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM, for example, should last for up to two months. 
The HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM can be used irrespective of whether you dye your hair or not. It does not influence the quality of the color and does not contain any silicones or mineral oils that may impede the hair from absorbing the dye.
There is some evidence that the serum can be used after a hair transplant. After the procedure, hairs generally tend to be thinner in the first growth phase. The HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM strengthens the hair root, promotes growth and reduces excess hair loss. Regular use significantly improves hair quality. Tolerability is a hugely important factor here. The HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM has successfully passed dermatological tests.
Once opened, the HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM should be used up within six months. If unopened, the product can last for at least five years.
M2 BEAUTÉ has been a leader in the hair growth sector for many years. The proven effects of its products are a testament to the expertise that has gone into their development. On the one hand, the products stand out with their unique and highly effective formulation, which focuses on effectiveness and tolerability. On the other hand, users like the fact that the company deliberately avoids the use of hormones, parabens, silicones, petroleum products, synthetic dyes and fragrances, PEG-containing substances and animal testing, not to mention the fact that the serum is just as effective for men as it is for women.
Depending on your genetic predisposition or the state of your health, hair root activity will eventually return to its original condition.