The Oil-Free Make-Up Remover is available as a small bottle or in a set of seven individually packaged sachets for when you are on the go. The cleansing pads are gently rubbed over the eye area until all traces of make-up are removed. You can also rinse your face with water if necessary.
The Oil-Free Make-Up Remover is a highly effective, nutritional, oil-free, and, at the same time, mild cleansing care product for the sensitive and high-maintenance eye area.
The Oil-Free Make-Up Remover  prepares the eye area for optimal absorption of the activating serum. It is oil-free and therefore prevents blocked pores and puffy eyes. The Oil-Free Make-Up Remover is dermatologically tested. Cleansing has an anti-inflammatory effect, moisturizes the skin, and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin.
Oil-Free Make-Up Remover is available both in a flacon and in the form of pre-soaked pads.
The make-up remover can be used in the morning and in the evening. A small amount of the remover is applied to cotton pads soaked in water. Use these to thoroughly cleanse the eye and face area until no more residue can be seen.
Tip: To touch up eye and lip make-up, a few drops can be placed on a cotton swab - this is the perfect way to correct the contours.
Ideally suited for travel or for a quick touch-up in between. The eye and face area is thoroughly cleaned with the pads until no more residue is visible. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients, the make-up remover pads can also be used as an eye mask - to do this, place them on the eyes after cleansing and leave them on for approx. 5 - 10 minutes.