The application method is professional and innovative. First, cleanse and dry your eye area. Moisten the skin on your upper and lower eyelids with the activator (ultra-pure water) and apply the mask. Now fully activate the collagen. Tip: Gently press down on the mask. The eye mask can be removed after just 10 to 20 minutes. Enjoy the impressive nourishing effect!
One pack contains seven sachets with two eye masks in each, as well as 30 ml of ultra-pure water (activator fluid).
Active ingredient and carrier material are combined in one eye mask, which is unrivaled in the cosmetics market. 92% of the mask is made up of concentrated, native collagen, which is almost identical to the structure of human collagen fibers. The eye mask is moistened with the activator right before application. Your skin benefits from an immediately visible and long-lasting effect. After 15 to 20 minutes of exposure time, your eye area is visibly refreshed, smoother and firmer – wrinkles, dark circles and irritations don’t stand a chance. Cellular activity is increased for several days, delaying skin aging. In this period, your skin also gets more out of each part of your eye care routine.
The ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS HYBRID SECOND SKIN EYE MASK COLLAGEN is a powerful eye mask made up of highly concentrated collagen. The patented production process – ADVANCED CRYOSAFE METHOD – unlocks the full performance potential of the mask, giving you bioavailable skin benefits in short application times. Your skin is left visibly smoothened, intensely hydrated and soothed.
The first results are instantly visible after application: All traces of tiredness and stress disappear, skin is left looking smooth and relaxed, and there is a clear smoothening effect. A clinical study showed that skin moisture levels were improved by 60%, the depth of wrinkles was reduced by 38% and irritations were alleviated by 28%. The results were measured after just 20 minutes of exposure time.
We believe that animal testing is an unnecessary testing method that does not have a place in the 21st century. M2 BEAUTÉ uses scientific research techniques that do not test on animals. From one year to the next, cutting-edge in vivo and in vitro methods are also providing improved alternatives, allowing us to achieve significant progress.