Our FACIAL NANO SPRAYS are highly effective serums that have been perfectly tailored to the particular needs of facial skin. The micro-fine textures form a virtually weightless layer on your skin that has a targeted effect.
The innovative skincare serums offer a range of benefits:
1. The highly effective formula is free from alcohol, petrochemicals, parabens, PEG-containing substances and more, and is designed to achieve maximum results with optimal wearability.
2. The concentrated active ingredients are nanorized (scaled down) and, thanks to the patented SKIN DELIVERY SYSTEM, penetrate the deepest layers of your skin in a fast-acting, reliable and targeted way.
3. The biological availability of the active ingredients optimizes your skin’s regeneration processes and functions.
4. The precision sprayer applies the active ingredients to your skin in an ultra-fine and weightless mist. The serums are thus 100% effective, and are both refreshing and hygienic to apply.
5. The serums function using an alkaline active ingredient solution and are non-greasy. This means that fantastic skincare results can be achieved on every skin type, even sensitive and irritated skin.
To achieve optimum effectiveness, spray our FACIAL NANO SPRAYS onto clean skin twice daily. Thanks to their extremely fine spray mist, the sprays can also be applied over make-up over the course of the day for an extra bit of care.
The serums can be combined with every line of skincare products and it is best to apply them as the first step after facial cleansing. Spray three to five pumps at a distance of around 15 cm. If your skin requires an extra bit of care over the course of the day, the serums can even be sprayed over make-up in a nourishing and weightless mist.
Depending on the unique needs of your skin, the four FACIAL NANO SPRAYS can also be used in combination. The sprays are suitable for both women and men.
We set the highest standards for effectiveness and wearability. The FACIAL NANO SPRAYS are dermatologically tested and comply with the guidelines of the EU Cosmetics Directive. Comprehensive effectiveness and wearability studies confirm their effectiveness and excellent wearability. The serums were rated “very good” by the independent institute DERMATEST.
We believe that animal testing is an unnecessary testing method that does not have a place in the 21st century. M2 BEAUTÉ uses scientific research techniques that do not test on animals. From one year to the next, cutting-edge in vivo and in vitro methods are also providing improved alternatives, allowing us to achieve significant progress.
Our testers* report impressive results after just six weeks.