Simple. Natural. Beautiful. With M2LASHES and M2BROWS, you will be giving your eyes a new intensity. Learn more about our innovative products, how to apply them and how they work. To help you, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions. And answered them too - of course. If you are interested in a particular topic, simply enter a key word into the search engine on the left to get faster results.

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fequently asked questions

Does M2Beauté plan to launch other products?
Our company concept is to offer only products that have been proven effective. Further products for the eye area are in development and will be available within the coming months.
Where and how can I buy M2Lashes?
M2Lashes can be purchased off our webshop and in select retail outlets.

Questions about Product close open

  • Does M2Beauté plan to launch other products? Our company concept is to offer only products that have been proven effective. Further products for the eye area are in development and will be available within the coming months.
  • I still have questions regarding M2Lashes - do you have a contact address or hotline? We do our best to answer all questions about our products within 24 hours. Please phone our hotline at: 01805 - 288363 (fees apply), or e-mail us at:
  • Where and how can I buy M2Lashes? M2Lashes can be purchased off our webshop and in select retail outlets.
  • Was animal testing used in the process of developing M2Lashes? No! Furthermore, animal testing in connection with cosmetics is banned in Europe.
  • Do eyelashes treated with M2Lashes fall out once they have reached a certain length? Individually, yes. M2Lashes retards the cycle of lash loss, but as normal each individual lash will still fall out eventually.
  • What happens when I stop using M2Lashes? The results achieved with M2Lashes will gradually disappear. The speed at which this occurs varies according to the individual. Within about 2 months your appearance will have reverted to pre-application status.
  • How long does one vial of M2Lahes last? One vial of M2lashes is enough for approx. 4-5 months, when used as advised.
  • Does M2Lashes completely replace mascara? In general, eyelashes appear darker with the use of M2Lashes. An additional application of mascara increases the attractive effect of longer lashes. In other words, the products compliment each other.
  • What is M2Lashes? M2Lashes is an active serum that promotes eyelash growth.
  • Does M2Lashes really work? Yes. During our extensive test phase there was not a single case in which the product proved ineffective.
  • How does M2Lashes work? There are three distinct aspects to the way M2Lashes influences lash growth: it increases the number of individual lashes, it extends the natural growth phase,  and it delays natural lash loss.

Questions about Effects close open

  • May I use M2Lashes after receiving chemotherapy? Please consult your physician. M2Beauté has had positive results with patients who use M2Lashes following chemotherapy treatment.
  • May I use M2Lashes before or after eye operations? Please consult your physician and/or surgeon.
  • Should I stop using M2Lashes during pregnancy and while breast feeding? Please consult your physician.
  • Can M2Lashes be safely used by people who suffer from eye pressure disorders? Please consult your physician before use if you take medication for any eye disorders. The use of M2Lashes together with medication to lower eye pressure should be done under medical supervision only.
  • Can the use of M2Lashes alter the color of my eyes? After extensive testing, we have no knowledge of any change to the eye color. However, scientific studies have shown that the use of similar active ingredient derivitives, in significantly higher doses, and used as medication- and which are applied directly into the eyes- have in very rare instances caused a slight alteration to some types of eye coloring.
  • Can the use of M2lashes result in discoloration of the eyelid skin? In rare cases the skin bordering the application has shown signs of what is known as hyper-pigmentation, i.e., the skin in this area will appear slightly darker due to an increase in melanin, the brown skin pigment. This hyper-pigmentation reverts to normal after discontinuing use of M2Lashes.
  • Can M2Lashes cause allergic reactions? To date, we are aware of no cases of allergic reaction. Should you detect an allergy to any of the active ingredients in M2Lashes, please discontinue use immediately.
  • Can M2Lashes cause skin irritations? As is the case with many cosmetic products, temporary irritations can occur in some individual instances. The use of M2Lashes can cause redness and itching of the skin in some individuals. Should this occur, we advise you to skip a day of M2Lashes application, and then continue as before. We have observed that the skin adapts very quickly to the active ingredients and that any signs of irritation rapidly disappear. Such reactions are, as a rule, not allergic and do not result in any serious or lasting damage.
  • What do I do if I get M2Lashes in my eye? If you follow the application instructions carefully, this should not occur. However, M2Lashes is formulated so that there shouldn’t be any serious consequences if it does, and no special measures are necessary.
  • May I use M2Lashes after an operation in the eye area when scar tissue has formed? When scar tissue has formed in the eyelash area it means that the lash roots have been destroyed. M2Lahes will not be able to take effect in this area.

Questions about Application close open

  • For how long should M2Lashes be used? To sustain lash growth you must apply M2Lashes continually.
  • May I also use M2Lashes to stimulate hair growth on my head? No. This product is for use on eyelashes only and should not be applied elsewhere.
  • May I still color my eyelashes while using M2Lashes? Yes. Tinting gives extra emphasis to the statement made by your new longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes.
  • Is the use of M2Lashes compatible with eyelash extensions? Yes. You may use M2Lashes and eyelash extensions at the same time.
  • May I use M2Lashes after a permanent make-up treatment? You should not use M2Lashes immediately following such a treatment because you might still have open wounds. Please wait until all wounds are completely healed and then proceed with M2Lashes application as usual.
  • What happens if I forget to use M2Lashes for one or more days? Just return to the normal cycle of application. Do not attempt to make up for skipped applications with additional or heavier use.
  • May I use other eye care products together with M2Lashes ? Yes. Just make sure that you give M2Lashes enough time to be fully absorbed before applying other products.
  • May I apply M2Lashes in the morning instead of at night? We recommend application at night. If it does not suit your schedule, you may apply it in the morning, but you must take extra care to ensure that M2Lashes is applied to clean skin and is thoroughly absorbed before other products are applied on the eye area.
  • How soon after starting use of M2Lashes are the effects noticeable? Many people report significant changes after just 4 -6 weeks of consistent use. The optimal result should be achieved after about 12 weeks.
  • What are the first results I can expect to achieve with M2Lahes? That varies depending on the individual. But you will most likely first notice your lashes getting thicker, and then see an increase in length.
  • How do I apply M2Lashes? M2Lashes is used like an eyeliner. Apply M2Lashes once a day - preferably at night, after removing your eye make-up and cleansing the eye area - to the skin at the base of the lashes of the upper eyelid. Allow M2Lashes to to be absorbed before applying your usual moisturizing/eye care products.